Privacy & Cookies Policy


If you have Do Not Track activated we don’t collect any information at all about your visit on the Site. If deactivated, we make sure to only collect the bare minimum of information needed, as described in this Privacy Policy.


Our Privacy Policy sets out how your personal information is collected and used while you use the Site. We believe your personal information belongs to you, so we are very open about how we use it. The Privacy Policy is meant to be read together with the Terms, so words that are capitalized have the same meaning in the Privacy Policy as they do in the Terms. ​ If you have a question about the Privacy Policy, email [email protected] and we will try to answer it for you.

Our policies

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18 without consent from a parent or guardian. If we learn a child has provided personal information, we may delete it.

What information we collect and how we use it

When you visit the Site, we don’t log any information about your visit on the server (technically, S3 bucket). We also don’t load any 3rd party scripts tracking your individual behavior across multiple channels, like A/B testing tools, social network or sharing buttons, and so on.

We simply don’t measure your engagement with our brand because we believe this is always in violation of your privacy, and ultimately meaningless.

Google Analytics

The Site uses Google Analytics, which provides us with anonymized information about our users (such as IP address, browser version, and so on) and how they use the Site. We use this information to make the Site better. The collected IP addresses are truncated before being sent to Google, making them anonymized. Google Analytics also sets cookies.

If you have Do Not Track activated in your browser, or if you rejected our cookie banner, we don’t collect any information and won’t load anything from Google at all.

Crisp Chat

If you use the Crisp Chat to contact us, the chat history is collected by Crisp.

How information is shared

We will not share or sell the identifiable personal information we collect or generate except as defined in this section.

We may share non-personal or aggregate information, such as usage statistics for the Site.


On the Site, Google Analytics and Crisp sets cookies. We have to set a cookie of our own.​ Again, we don’t collect any information.

Law enforcement requests

We may disclose personal information to law enforcement if we believe disclosure is necessary to:

  • Comply with a law, regulation, or mandatory request such as a warrant or court order.
  • Protect the any person from death or serious bodily injury.