From data to the wisdom.
Analyze & Accelerate.

We transform businesses with one-stop data solution and full-stack development.
We provide production-ready data solutions helping you sift signals through noises.

Full-stack Data Solution

Our consultants partner with you through the entire life cycle of a data solution. Our team works on business requirements, product scoping, frontend/ backend development and system deployment.

Data Infrastructure & Integration

Our data architects help design scalable data infrastructure for your organisation’s next big move. We tackle crawling / ingesting / warehousing / ETL / mining / visualisation / messaging in your specific context, making the outcome seamlessly integrated with what is already in place.

Search & RecSys

We help organisation to design and develop their customised searcher and RecSys, in order to enhance the utilisation of their unique corporate digital assets.

Data Science Enablement

Our data science consultant helps C-suites to filter real meat from the buzzing data science plate. We define tangible objectives, conduct research on alternative products / solutions / algorithms / models and design a frictionless transition path.

Data-driven Marketing

We apply machine learning in digital marketing in search/ display/ video/ social networks, to help our clients realise higher ROI by enhanced targeting accuracy, tiered re-engagement plan, refined frequency management, etc.

Data-driven Reporting

We apply data science on public and proprietary data sets to drive unique insights. Our service goes beyond making charts and dashboards and help develop competitive narratives in the specific context, to drive change and impact.
Our consultant acts like your partners with flexible working format. Time, office and deliverables can be tailor-made according to your preference. We even take tasks with no prior track records as long as they fit our focus area and you enjoy learning with us.
indicatorNo black-boxes
We care process as much as result. Why?
We have heard of daunting stories managing an outsource team. We understand out-of-track outsourcing projects are just like black boxes that exhaust client's team to maintain, refactor and even rebuild. Here's the difference. We devise the strategy by your side and fully expose thinking / exploring process to you in smaller interations. Your inhouse team gets new knowledge, well-thought solutions, deeper insight of businesses, but no black boxes at all.
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